Mt Elliot Springs - Good Water. Good Life


Mt Elliot Spring Water is truly Pristine. We have made our latest water analysis available so you may see what's inside every bottle of Mt Elliot Spring Water. Mt Elliot Spring Water is filtered through millions of tons of rock known as the Mt Elliot Ranges. 

We do not need to purify our water any further than nature intends. Thus Mt Elliot Springs Natural Spring Water retains that sweet taste, as if you were drinking it straight out of the Spring. 


pH                           8.22
Calcium, mg/L                 12.0
Magnesium, mg/L               17.2
Sodium, mg/L                  5.1
Potassium, mg/L                0.14
Total Bicarbonates, mg/L         686.4
Arsenic, mg/L                 <0.004 (not detected)
Barium, mg/L                  <0.02  (not detected)
Boron, mg/L                   <0.02  (not detected)
Cadmium, mg/L                <0.003 (not detected)
Chromium, mg/L                <0.006 (not detected)
Hexavalent Chromium, mg/L       <0.006 (not detected)
Aluminium, mg/L               <0.002 (not detected
Copper, mg/L                  <0.002 (not detected)
Lead, mg/L                   <0.002 (not detected)
Manganese, mg/L              <0.008 (not detected)
Mercury, mg/L                <0.00001 (not detected)
Selenium, mg/L                <0.007 (not detected)
Zinc, mg/L                    <0.02 (not detected)
Nitrate as N, mg/L               0.03
Nitrite as N, mg/L               <0.01 (not detected)
Calcium Fluoride                0.05
Total Sulphide, mg/L            <0.005 (not detected)
Cyanide, mg/L                <0.005 (not detected)
Total Coliform, MPN/100ml          <1  (not detected)
E. coli MPN/100ml               <1 (not detected)
Heterotrophic Plate Count, CFU/1ml   <1 (not detected)

Chemical Oxygen Demand, mg/L           <5
Pottasium Permangamate Consumed, mg/L   <1   

*Test performed at various Australian environmental laboratories and Japan Food research laboratories.         

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